An activist who fights for Lemon Grovers’ financial security and housing stability. Especially for our Latino, Black and elderly communities.

A lawyer with skills to get the job done.

An educator who values our kids and seeks to protect the environment for generations to come.

A Lemon Grove mom of action.

Meet Alysson Snow

Alysson’s heart is in 🍋 Lemon Grove. She and her husband have raised their five children here, and “Grandma” lives next door. As a mom, she knows it takes a village to raise our kids. Alysson volunteers with Lemon Grove’s scouting programs, with the LG Little League, and has been our soccer teams’ “mom.” In the pandemic, Alysson started helping at the Lemon Grove food distribution. She is Community Service Chair for the Lemon Grove Latino Diversified Lions Club. Alysson is a Lemon Grove community servant through and through.

As a consumer justice and housing rights lawyer, Alysson has taken down predatory lenders and pushed for policies and laws to protect and promote housing stability for low-income families, seniors, and communities of color. Alysson is fluent in Spanish and advocates for our Latino community.

Alysson’s hard work earned her the “Consumer Advocate of the Year” award from the Consumer Attorneys of San Diego. For her efforts during the pandemic to ensure access to justice for all, she received recognition from the World Justice Project.

Alysson has the skills and the passion to work hard for Lemon Grove.


Housing. Keep the housed housed. Rehab current housing and increase affordable housing. Increase very low-income housing solutions.

Financial Stability, Racial Justice and Equity. Increase financial opportunities for the City and its citizens. Gatekeep against predatory lenders and financial fraudsters–especially those who target communities of color and the elderly.

Sidewalks and Safety. Filling potholes. Building sidewalks. Promoting public safety.

Alysson’s Proven Track Record

During the 2008 mortgage crisis, I left my big law firm job to help people losing their homes. I joined a non-profit legal organization that shared my values for fighting for access to justice and helping financially struggling families. For more than a decade, I led the Consumer Protection Division at the Legal Aid Society of San Diego.

As a consumer rights attorney, I fought scammers and predatory lending schemes that target the elderly. I defended against student loans, medical debt and identity theft. My work led Oportun, a payday lender that targets the Latino community, to dismiss 500 cases for abusive debt collection practices.

I designed, launched, and supervised San Diego’s Bankruptcy Self-Help Center and Clinic. I created a debt defense clinic that has served as a national model for helping people fight against unfair debt collection.

I now run the Housing Rights Project at the University of San Diego that helps the housed stay housed and helps the homeless connect to resources and get back on their feet.

So much more needs to be done.

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Meet Alysson!

July 13 | Fundraiser and Meet and Greet | 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm | Inpasta in Lemon Grove, 8099 Broadway, Lemon Grove, CA 91945-2533 | Linger after the event for gelato and live music. 

August 31 | Housing Rights Presentation with San Diego Organizing Project | 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm | St. Mary’s,  600 Pier View Way, Oceanside, CA 92054 | Learn about housing rights.

September 3 | Meet Our Neighbors | 9:00 am to 11:00 am | Join us to walk Lemon Grove and talk with our neighbors to get out the vote.

September 10 | Bagels and Ballots | 10:00 am to 11:30 am | Christina Contreras and Yajaira Preciado Hosting ❤️ | Brunch with us and share your concerns and wish lists for Lemon Grove.

September 17 | Boba and Ballots, Meet and Greet | 9:00 am to 10:00 am | Pho Royal, 6937 Federal Blvd., Lemon Grove, CA 91945 ❤️ | Cool off with us and share your concerns and wish lists for Lemon Grove.

September 24 | Pancakes and Politics | 9:00 am to 11:00 am | Heather Beck and Maya and Tris Walls Hosting ❤️ | Ernie’s flipping 🥞 pancakes and we’ll be discussing how to work together for a better Lemon Grove.

October 1 | Oktoberfest La Mesa | 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm | Booth: Meet and Greet Festival fun! On La Mesa Blvd. and Allison near Sheldon’s and Johnny B’s.

October 10 | “Fun”draiser to Elect Alysson Snow | 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm | Dorinda Miller is the Hostess with the Mostest ❤️ | Email RSVP to Snow.esquire@gmail.com (address provided upon RSVP).

October 27 | “Last Call” to Elect Alysson Snow | 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm | Cross Street Chicken, 12955 El Camino Real, Suite G-2, San Diego, CA 92130 ❤️ | Email RSVP to snow.esquire@gmail.com.


Heartland Firefighters of Lemon Grove | Local 2728

“Alysson Snow has a long history of working towards making many communities safer places to live for all residents and visitors.  She has shown commitment to working with local residents, businesses, and employees of the city to create a strong bond within the city.  A large part of that work includes improving Public Safety for all.”  Brad Maxfield, Union President, Heartland Firefighters of Lemon Grove, Local 2728 

San Diego County Democratic Party
San Diego and Imperial Counties Labor Council
United States Congresswoman Sara Jacobs
California State Treasurer Fiona Ma
California State Senate President pro Tempore Toni G. Atkins
San Diego County Board of Supervisors Chair Nathan Fletcher
San Diego County Board of Supervisors Vice-Chair Nora Vargas
San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria
Candidate for San Diego County Assessor | Recorder | Clerk and Former San Diego City Councilmember Barbara Bry
San Diego City Attorney Mara Elliot
Spring Valley Lemon Grove Democratic Club
Lemon Grove Mayor Racquel Vasquez
Lemon Grove City Councilmember George Gastil
Lemon Grove City Councilmember Jennifer Mendoza
Former Lemon Grove School Board Member Jay Bass
Lemon Grove School Board President Cheryl Robertson
Lemon Grove School Boardmember Yajaira Preciado
Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment
San Diego La Raza Lawyers Association

Watch Me In The News!

The sewer line ruptured, caving in the ceiling above her bed. The excrement and other gross stuff poured out of the ceiling, traveled through the house and out the door. The landlord took the insurance money, pocketed it, and simply put some drywall up over the hole and some paint. The insulation, walls, and ceiling wept excrement during the hot summer months.

Alysson stepped up to fight for her!

Lemon Grove Voting Center and Dropbox Locations

Lemon Grove Voting Center:

🍋 Lemon Blossom Hall
8235 Mt. Vernon st., Lemon Grove, CA91945
Open: October 29, 2022 to November 8, 2022

Lemon Grove Dropbox Locations:

🍋 Belle Vista Health Center
7922 palm St, Lemon Grove, CA 91945

🍋 HHSA Lemon Grove Live Well Center
7065 Broadway, Lemon Grove, CA 91945

🍋 Lemon Grove Library
3001 School Lane, Lemon Grove, CA 91945

Paid for by the Committee to Elect Alysson Snow for Lemon Grove City Council 2022; FPPC ID No. 1450372